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Benefits for your customers

NUSHAPE wraps are the first devices of their kind on the market. Our purpose is to help your business flourish with a high-tech photonic system for better body slimming, skin rejuvenation, and pain management. NuShape technology was originally developed for use in spas and wellness centers as a more efficient approach to weight loss and slimming- over four times more powerful than Zerona, LipoLight, and other competing technologies, NUSHAPE was proven to help people lose an average of two inches in the first one hour session when following recommended treatment guidelines.  Our new treatment wraps bring high quality, professional, and efficient slimming, skin rejuvenation and pain relief treatments to serve a variety of affiliates.  


The Many Benefits of Red Light Therapy

  • Increases collagen formation for skin rejuvenation;
  • Fast and effective lipolysis of the fat cells for fat loss and slimming;
  • Increases skin radiance, moisture retention, and skin elasticity;
  • Increases the production ATP and fibroblasts for healing;
  • Boosts the lymph system activity to benefit weight loss;
  • Helps reduce cellulite, aging skin, scars, sun damage, wrinkles, inflammation, chronic pain, and more.


picture above shows the same day results of a nushape lipo-treatment. measurements were taken at the same point- one before a twenty minute treatment and one two hours after, while following treatment protocol (increasing water intake, following treatment with twenty minutes of exercise).  results vary- follow recommended protocol for best results!

picture above shows the same day results of a nushape lipo-treatment. measurements were taken at the same point- one before a twenty minute treatment and one two hours after, while following treatment protocol (increasing water intake, following treatment with twenty minutes of exercise). results vary- follow recommended protocol for best results!

NUSHAPE is relaxingsafe, and totally non-invasive. No needles, incisions, pills, or otherwise uncomfortable techniques. Red light phototherapy simply drains the cell via lipolysis, (it's the same thing that happens when you break down fat by exercising!)... resulting in slimmer waistlines, thighs, etc- via a healthy and detoxifying natural process.

The Lipo-Wrap works on it's own but delivers superior results when combined with detox, wellness, and weight loss treatments like infrared saunas, body wraps, natural cleanses, etc. So if you're already a weight loss or fitness affiliate or professional, red light phototherapy will boost your revenues and bring an exciting new product to your current customer or reader base.  

pain and inflammation.png

NUSHAPE for Pain and Inflammation

Get relief from chronic pain, inflammation, arthritis, and more

Light therapy might seem like a fad, but, for some people, it has made the difference between living a normal life and living with chronic pain for the rest of their days. Infrared light penetrates the skin and gets absorbed by the mitochondria, the membrane of the cells. Because the metabolism of the cells is increased, the body’s natural ability to heal is stimulated. By speeding up the healing process in muscles, bone, skin, and subcutaneous tissue, light therapy has been used to treat a variety of medical conditions effectively.

NUSHAPE for pain and inflammation relaxes muscles, reduces scar tissues, and stimulates wound healing. It is highly effective in alleviating inflammation and swelling in chronic conditions like arthritis, tendonitis, or bursitis. Super luminous, concentrated red light enters the body, stimulating acupuncture points, increasing blood circulation, and reducing edema. Non-invasive, safe, and effective, almost anyone can enjoy the benefits of light therapy.