Fitness Enhances Beauty

Beauty is an illusive concept. One decade thin is in and the next big booties are all the rage. So what is beauty really? Is it internal? ...Well, let’s not get too idealistic. Mirrors can be fun to look at, and selfies are fun to take when we feel beautiful.

Then, is beauty external? While beauty isn’t what everyone else thinks of us, the answer as to whether it’s within or projected by our demeanor and appearance is truly contextual. For each woman, beauty is what she wishes to put out into the world, and on some level, get back. That’s right. You’re not shallow for wanting to connect with people, and you’re not shallow for having an appreciation for aesthetics.

If you want to enhance your beauty, there are a few no-nonsense steps every woman can take to up her self confidence and increase her physical health. Fitness is one of the realms of “beauty magic.” When you increase your fitness level, a few beauty enhancing physiological and psychological changes take place. Here are the best of them:


Did you know that within five minutes of exercise a person’s mood elevates? It’s true!

During aerobic and anaerobic exercise, chemicals called endorphins release into your bloodstream. Endorphins heighten mood because they numb pain and act as a sedative to decrease your awareness of stress.

The mood heightening effects of exercise extend beyond a single workout. In numerous studies, researchers found that physical activity over the long-term can be as effective in alleviating depression as prescribed antidepressants.

While having a better mood may not technically change your physical attributes, it’ll make you more capable of seeing yourself and life’s obstacles from an optimistic perspective. In turn, your lighter approach to yourself and your surroundings will make it easier for you to connect with people without being held back by anxiety and depression.

Over long periods of time, feeling happy rather than stressed can slow the aging process such as wrinkling, and illness that may catalyze further health problems.

Feel better, act beautiful.


When you get your circulation moving -- be that in a gym, outside swimming, or even while vigorously mowing the lawn -- it’ll benefit your skin! Cardiovascular health increases the strength of the entire body, but if we’re talking skin surface benefits, increased blood flow will make your skin glow.

When your heart rate increases, blood flows through your body and carries oxygen to your skin cells. The oxygen helps flush away buried toxins, such as free radicals. The result is a glowing, firm texture on your skin’s surface making you look younger and more energized.

But the effects aren’t only short term. Working out regularly reduces stress -- the villain we hold responsible for breakouts, blemishes, and even wrinkles.

Keep aging at bay and do your skin a favor, slip into a pair of tennis shoes!

Bye, Bye, Cellulite

Oh cellulite, the cottage cheese of human body parts. No one wants you, go away! Luckily, getting rid of cellulite is possible with targeted training.

Muscle gives fat it’s shape. When people don’t have muscle, the fat, even if it’s a small and healthy amount of fat, wrinkles and crinkles. A simple solution, is to begin building lean muscle mass in the areas where the cellulite is concentrated. Although there are several ways to do so, a go-to example is to work a muscle group on a low weight, but with a high number of repetitions. For example, if you have cellulite on your thighs below your booty, you can begin doing squats and lunges to build muscle along your hamstrings.

Bid unwanted fat goodbye and build your strength to gain beautiful lean muscle.  

Sweet Dreams

Sleep loss is a problem for many, and a lack of it detracts from your peace, the clarity of your skin, and your overall health.

For many with insomnia, exercise is an effective solution. Numerous studies show that aerobic exercise reduces anxiety and makes it easier for insomniacs to rest at night. For those concerned with beauty, this is good news.

When you’re awake, the molecules on the surface of your skin fight off bacterial invaders. According to Dermalogica director of global education Anna King, “At night, it goes into protection mode.” Beauty sleep is no joke, it’s necessary to clear out toxins and keep your skin radiant.

Workout and then enjoy deeper sleep that keeps your face looking fresh.

Hello Libido

It’s hard to argue that radiance isn’t alluring. When some women walk into a room, they drip sensuality. No joke -- it’s not unlikely that these women have active and healthy libidos. Let’s talk about sex...y...ness…and working out.

Working out has been shown to rev up women’s sex drives. Specifically, a study conducted at Florida Atlantic University showed that when maintaining a consistent workout schedule, women’s bodies become more aroused. With consistent physical activity, women’s skin becomes more sensitive to touch, and all the senses become more receptive to stimuli.

The effects of a heightened libido go beyond physical beauty, though. They also influence your confidence. After working out, you’ll generally feel a sense of accomplishment. Completing a walk, climbing stairs, or even doing 25 sit ups may help you feel a sense of accomplishment. Yes, looking thinner may be among your long-term goals of physical activity, but strangely, the mere act of setting a small goal and achieving it can increase your self-confidence immediately.

Activate your sensuality and get your blood pumping.

You’ve got this!

Beauty is attainable for all of us. It’s something we possess and something we can enhance by respecting ourselves and seeing our strengths for what they are. Enjoy your body and make the most of the health and beauty benefits exercise offers. And while you’re at it, take a selfie, you’re beautiful!