Our meal plan is less of a "plan", and more of a general guide on how to maximize fat loss after or between your NuShape appointments. Your liver, kidneys and lymphatic system will immediately go to work to rid your body of the fat and toxins that were released during your session.  Following certain protocol will ensure that the fat is permanently flushed out instead of re-absorbed by the cells. NuShape works best as a terrific complement to an already healthy lifestyle - but it is not a magic pill! It is up to you to take certain measures to enable your body to flush out the fat as efficiently as possible. So, plan on thirty minutes of exercise, increased water intake, and clean eating after your NuShape session. Following our recommendations for at least two days can mean the difference between losing one or two inches, versus three to five inches of fat in the few days following your appointment. For continued fat loss stay with it as long as you can and consider a series of appointments over several weeks.

Our guide is a great place to start to make sure you're on the right track but for more of a good thing you can find tips on healthy eating, smoothie and juice recipes, and healthy meal ideas on our Pinterest - or follow us on Instagram for health and fitness humor and inspiration!