Our patent-pending phototherapy wrap is the first home-use treatment of it's kind using gentle red-light phototherapy to slim the body and whittle away stubborn areas from home.

Simply apply to your area of choice and relax while 635nm and infrared waves work to drain toxins from fat cells- resulting in a healthier, more slim you. 


The NUSHAPE Lipo Wrap is the first LED-lipo / "liposuction alternative" device of it's kind for home use.

Some of the many benefits of red light therapy that you can now achieve while sleeping in on a Sunday include:

  • Fast and effective lipolysis of the fat cells for fat loss and detoxification;
  • Reduction of the appearance of cellulite;
  • Increased collagen formation for skin rejuvenation;
  • Increased skin radiance and skin elasticity;
  • Boosted lymph system activity to benefit weight loss.

NUSHAPE is relaxing, safe, and totally non-invasive. No needles, incisions, pills, or otherwise uncomfortable techniques. Red light phototherapy simply drains the cell via lipolysis, (the same thing that happens when you break down fat by exercising)... resulting in a slimmer figure via a healthy and detoxifying natural process




Apply the wrap to your area of choice.

Red Light LED wavelengths work their magic in as little as 10 minutes.

Red light LED wavelengths in the 630-635nm range have been FDA-approved for circumferential inch loss, FDA-cleared 850nm infrared waves increase circulation, improve metabolic action and support the lymphatic system. 



Your results are on the way, but not without step two of the process- it's up to you to keep your lymphatic system active while it carries the released fat out of your body for good.

So drink up to flush the waste out of your system by drinking 90-130oz of water and getting some form of exercise (we recommend at least 20 minutes) on the day of your session. 


The NUSHAPE Wrap works on it's own but delivers superior results when combined with detox, wellness, and weight loss treatments like infrared saunas, body wraps, detoxifying foot baths, whole body vibration, or anything else that keeps your lymphatic system going.

If you're already in a weight loss or fitness routine, red light phototherapy will further increase inches lost for an extra edge!

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Yesterday I tried the Wrap For Ten Minutes. When I Re-measured Today I’d Lost an Inch Around My Waistline.
— Leslie, Mom of Two
The Clients Who Come In For NUSHAPE Love The Results
— Dr. Cabrera, Miami Beach
It Works on My Clients, I Use It On Myself. It Definitely Works
— Dr. Kaden, South Beach Chiropractic / South Bay BodySculpting

I’ve had only one red light body sculpting session so far and am amazed that the cellulite in my saddlebags has almost completely disappeared.
— Gloria
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NUSHAPE works best when paired with a healthy diet and regular exercise. Gloria, pictured above, used NUSHAPE 2-3 times a week in conjunction with healthy eating changes.


The unique wavelengths of light emitted from the lights in our Lipo-Wrap reach the fat layer and cause the membranes of the fat cells to temporarily alter the permeability of the cell wall. While under the red light the fat cell wall opens, dispelling waste from within the cell out into the interstitial layer. The fat is then broken down into free fatty acids and glycerol, and enters the blood stream where the body can use it as fuel, or eliminate it naturally in stool and urine via the lymphatic system and liver. The Lipo-Wrap brings the remarkable effects of lipolysis via professional phototherapy treatment at a cost-effective price, so you can enjoy the benefits from home and make phototherapy an ongoing part of your routine.


NUSHAPE is for all sizes, ages, genders and is a safe and non-invasive technology. Clients with a higher metabolic rate are better able to excrete the fat cell contents, with results seen within the first 24 hours, but other will see the full effect of the treatment within 3 days, your ability to expel the released waster depends on a variety of factors including your body, age, and particular habits.

For more information please read the FAQ's, and visit our About page where you'll find an abundance of articles and studies explaining red light therapies in detail. 

Lipo-alternatives should not be used by pregnant women or individuals with active cancer. When the light empties the cell, the liver causes fatty acids and triglycerides to be voided from the body, a process in which the liver plays a critical role. For this reason any individuals with compromised liver or kidney function should not undergo red light therapy for slimming purposes.
LEGAL DISCLAIMER: not intended for use in the diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease or any other condition, or to affect the structure or function of the body. The product is cosmetic in nature and does not claim to impart any health benefits. 
WARRANTEE: our products carry a one year warrantee, should you need a replacement or your wrap has an issue we can issue you a replacement within one year of purchase.  
The NUSHAPE Lipo - Wrap for Slimming
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Shipping & Delivery

Due to very high demand for our Lipo-Wrap that was featured on the Rachael Ray show, NuShape Lipo-Wrap orders will be shipped within 8 weeks. 


Complete Your At Home Spa Services with The NUSHAPE Essentials Slimming Pack


NUSHAPE Essentials Slimming Pack offers a months supply of spa treatments to use between red light treatments and up your weight loss and body contouring game. Fit Wrap Solution can re-mineralize, detoxify and stimulate circulation with a mega dose of essential oils, caffeine, plant and algae extracts, and 75 naturally occurring trace minerals - improving the appearance of cellulite, fat deposits, water weight, loose skin, varicose veins and stretch marks. Flush toxins, stimulate your metabolism and support your liver daily with our Detox Tea (herbal, organic, laxative free), and combat cellulite with our invigorating Awake Caffeinated Coffee Scrub and Thermogenic Defining gel. 

Update: The Essentials Slimming Pack is backordered. All orders placed will ship within 3 weeks. 


NUSHAPE Essentials Slimming Pack
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