Phototherapy and LED therapy is one of the top fastest growing trends in spa and wellness industry. Developed by NASA to treat wounds in space by stimulating the body in healing itself, the technology is also an effective way to flush fat, rejuvenate the skin, and alleviate pain. If you are looking for ways to add value to your spa and wellness center with a non-invasive, effective technology, red light therapy is the answer.

It works on my clients and I use it on myself... it definitely works.
— Dr. Kaden, Redondo Beach Chiropractor

Red Light Therapy for Pain & Healing

660 & 850nm waves create fresh younger look complexions by stimulating collagen and elastin, plumping fine lines and wrinkles, treating cystic acne, and counteracting uv damageand age spots. 
But what's more are the therapeutic benefits: significantly reduce recovery time for wounds, bruises and injuries, increase oxygen and blood flow, improve circulation and stimulate antioxidant enzyme release. 
Phototherapy in these wavelength generally facilitates pain reduction, lymphatic drainage, and reduces swelling and inflammation- bringing relief to athletes, sufferers of arthritis, and those with chronic pain.  

Red Light Therapy for Slimming and Cellulite

Drain fat cell of toxins and waste, resulting in lost inches, spot reduction in areas with stubborn fat, a decrease in the appearance of cellulite, and toned skin.
635nm red light and 850nm infrared waves emitted from the powerful LEDS reach the fat layer and cause the membranes of the fat cells to temporarily alter the permeability of the cell wall. While under the red light the fat cell wall opens, dispelling waste from within the cell out into the interstitial layer. The fat is then broken down into free fatty acids and glycerol, and enters the blood stream where the body can use it as fuel, or eliminate it naturally in stool and urine via thelymphatic system and liver. 

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Jessica Charles, Red Light Therapy Evangelist, and Creator of NUSHAPE

I founded my health and wellness spa in Santa Barbara in 2005. By that time, I’d become a whole-hearted advocate of holistic wellness, and listened carefully to the concerns of my clients. Clients listen to their bodies, and practitioners listen to their clients.

Most women who visited my spa wanted a slimming treatment. More specifically, they wanted a slimming product which was very effective, very gentle, and very consistent, a product which would combine the relaxation and detoxification of a spa treatment with significant weight-loss benefits.

I began a long period of research, and tested every product in the market which looked promising. The result was this: the products on the market which delivered the best results were prohibitively expensive, priced in excess of $100,000. The upshot for my clients was a $250 treatment cost. Many of them simply could not afford regular visits at that rate. I listened.

LED Red Light Therapy, the Foundation of NUSHAPE

What I learned from all the research and testing, however, was that NASA-pioneered LED red light technology was leading the charge in effective weight-loss treatment. So I began the process of designing and perfecting my own LED-powered Red Light Device.

I fine-tuned the technology and procedures at my spa. I designed it to be easy to use, non-invasive, and absolutely safe. I designed it for optimal client-to-client consistency. And I designed it to be the most effective process on the market.

What I discovered is this: red light therapy isn’t only effective for weight loss. It’s also effective for treating pain and inflammation, and rejuvenating skin.

I sold everything I had to fund the development of my Red Light Machine. I secured the patent rights, and Nushape red light therapy was born.

Patented NUSHAPE Red Light Therapy: The System Now

The Nushape Wraps and the Nushape II has proven to be a safe and efficient approach to weight loss and pain relief. Its signature red light therapy—a blend of red light and infrared wavelengths—can release about 130 grams of fat from treated cells; as red light is absorbed, it shrinks fat cells by stimulating them to release toxins while at the same time infrared heat increases metabolic action to help process and eliminate the released fat from the body.  

Nushape is engineered to be a cost-effective therapeutic system, requiring only a small investment. And it is engineered to be a hands-off system, requiring no licensed medical oversight.

As an advocate of holistic wellness, I heard what you wanted: a pampering spa treatment, safe, relaxing, and non-invasive, which brings out the healthy, sculpted body you were meant to have.